What is Model UN?

Model United Nations, or Model UN / MUN for short, is just as its sounds: a model simulation of the real United Nations. Model UN participants, referred as delegates, are tasked with creating realistic and inventive solutions to the most current hot-button world issues and beyond. Model United Nations fosters research abilities, teamwork, and compromise.

MUN is among the few extracurriculars that happens all around the world, and it comes with good reason! It engages youth on the world issues most relevant to us today. Delegates enter with curiosity and preparation, and exit with courage, confidence, and friendships that can last a lifetime. With thousands of participants in various Model UN conferences globally, Model UN actively prepares and creates the global leaders of tomorrow.

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Students enter "committees" - that simulate real UN bodies, other international organizations, or even groups in historical events. Therefore, each committee serves a different function. From United Nations bodies such as the World Health Organization (WHO), to inter-governmental organizations such as the European Union (EU). Topics vary from committee to committee; for example: a WHO topic could be Inequities in COVID-19 Vaccine Distributions, whereas a EU topic could be Combatting the Rise in Populism. They research and debate a plethora of intricate global issues while acting as a representative of a country, politician, province, or anything in between.

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Why Model UN?

Although Model UN has an particular focus on current world events, problems and crisises, you don't have to go into law or international relations to appreciate what Model UN has to offer! Through researching your position's stance of a topic, and by using your stance to advance the flow of debate, delegates develop public speaking and critical thinking skills, while simultaneously making youth globally minded and aware of world events.

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