Our Team

Emily Chen

Emily Chen is a junior at Semiahmoo Secondary in the International Baccalaureate Program and she is delighted to serve as your Secretary-General of Oakridge Model United Nations II. After being dragged to her first conference, Emily truly understood the beauty of Model United Nations through its diplomacy, inclusivity and cooperation. Outside of MUN, Emily can be found pulling all-nighters to get a full debate case done for tournaments, struggling with the workload from IB, trying to balance her excessive amount of extra-curricular while still trying to make time for bubble tea dates with her friends. Emily promises to do her best to ensure the ultimate experience for every delegate, and is thrilled to meet everyone in March at the OakridgeMUN II!

David Guo

David Guo is an IB senior at R.E. Mountain Secondary and is esteemed to serve as the Director-General for Oakridge Model United Nations II. Ever since stepping foot into MUN, David has been enraptured by its ability to forge both ideas and bonds through debate. Aside from just providing a platform for likeminded youth to engage in conversation in global issues, David believes that MUN also allows for much needed exploration of the ludicrous and fantastical. Outside of conference, David can be found fighting through IB, desperately applying to university hoping for acceptance, or indulging in a borderline unhealthy amount of sugary drinks. David is excited and cam't wait to meet each and every delegate at OakridgeMUN II!

Rose Oh

Rose Oh is an ambitious IB senior at R.E. Mountain Secondary and ecstatic to serve as the Chief of Staff of Oakridge Model United Nations II. She came from a competitive environment of studying from South Korea in Grade 6 and found herself in her first conference a few months later. She was extremely inspired by how Model United Nations allowed her to speak freely to other delegates and gather thoughts to solve ongoing and complex issues in a collaborative manner. Since then, she continued to appreciate the fast-paced discussion, the diplomatic but friendly and funny environment and the opportunities to engage with numerous relations. Outside her MUN life, Rose tries to survive in IB, preps for her next debate tournament, and likes to try splitting her legs past a right angle only to end up screaming to escape the position. As Rose is joining OakridgeMUN II, she is extremely thrilled to be part of a hard-working and enthusiastic secretariat team. She hopes to meet all delegates soon and make the 2 days an unforgettable experience for many.

Samuel Tung

Samuel Tung is a senior student at Southpointe Academy and is delighted to serve as the Director of Logistics in Oakridge Model United Nations II! Ever since he started Model UN in freshman year; his passion for MUN has grown since then, having went to 20+ conferences so far. Samuel loves Model UN not only because he learned the ways of diplomacy, but also because he got to develop his public speaking skills and meet other passionate delegates! Outside MUN, he is found taking photos, savouring Taiwanese beef noodles and bubble tea, and constantly listening to his 46 hour-long jazz playlist on Spotify. All in all, Samuel is hopeful all delegates will make meaningful memories in OakridgeMUN’s seond iteration!

Cathy Zhang

Cathy Zhang is a junior at Magee Secondary and is honoured to serve as your Under-Secretary-General of Committees for Oakridge Model United Nations II! Joining the MUN community in the ninth grade, she spoke only once at her first conference, yet was captured by the atmosphere of the conference room. Outside of slaving over MUN, she enjoys playing various video games, chatting with friends, and baking! Cathy is super excited to meet all the delegates, and hopes they have fun and learn at OakridgeMUN II!

Joseph Mai

Joseph is a rising junior at Semiahmoo Secondary and he is ecstatic to serve as your Under-Secretary-General of Delegate Affairs for OakridgeMUN II. Joseph entered the world of Model United Nations in grade nine and since then he has attended many MUN conferences and has created some unforgettable memories. During his time in MUN, Joseph has seen mesmerizing debate and effective diplomacy, which has made him very passionate about international politics and diplomacy. Outside of MUN, Joseph can be found at home on TikTok, preparing frantically at the last minute for debate tournaments, and doing Spanish homework at the last minute. Joseph is looking forward to meeting all delegates this year at OakridgeMUN II.

Sunnie Li

Sunnie Li is a senior at Semiahmoo Secondary and is ecstatic to serve as your Under-Secretary-General of Media & Marketing for Oakridge Model United Nations II. Having joined her first MUN conference in grade 10 by the incessant pressure from a friend, she soon fell in love with the collaborative nature of MUN. When not involved in MUN, you can find Sunnie passionately competing at various debate tournaments, embroidering in the middle of the night, or rewatching either Grey’s Anatomy or Bojack Horseman for the millionth time. You can often find her chugging insane amounts of coffee while stressing about university responses. Sunnie welcomes all delegates both new and experienced to have an enjoyable experience at OakridgeMUN II.

Brandon Chan

As a senior, Brandon is an always-exhausted yet driven student from École Panorama Ridge Secondary and is truly honoured to serve as the Under-Secretary-General of Information Technologies for the second iteration of Oakridge Model United Nations II. Having started his MUN career in Grade 10 and due to his friend’s aggressive encouragement, Brandon, although stumbling through 4 or so speeches, was wholly captured by the heated flurry of debate, passion and the invaluable lessons developing delegates into progressive diplomats. Outside of MUN, Brandon can be found excessively listening to musical theatre, on the constant hunt for new Netflix shows, fuelling his bubble tea addiction, or spending his time laughing obnoxiously with friends. Whether you are just entering the world of MUN, or quite the experienced delegate, Brandon welcomes and wishes all delegates a memorable experience at OakridgeMUN II, and looks forward to a weekend of fruitful debate, thrilling discussions, and insightful discovery!

Chidiebere Okarah

Chidiebere Okarah is an endlessly busy senior who is absolutely delighted to be serving as the Under-Secretary-General of Outreach for Oakridge Model United Nations II. Having both learned about and signed up for her first MUN conference in the same hour, Chidi has since been immersed in the captivating, enlightening whirlwind that is MUN, and zealously awaits every new adventure that comes with it. When not deeply entrenched in the debate, Chidi can be found either spending time with friends in downtown Vancouver, curled up in bed with a good book, or in her school’s band room, lamenting over failed jazz improv solos. Regardless of whether delegates come for the enriching MUN experience, or to spend time with friends doing what they love, Chidi eagerly anticipates the unforgettable experiences that OakridgeMUN II will surely bring and wishes all prospective delegates the best of luck!