World Health Organization


Founded in 1948, the World Health Organization is an agency that specializes in international public health. As an integral body of the United Nations, some of the chief goals of the WHO include promoting the well-being of global citizens, as well as overseeing and improving the quality of vaccines.
This committee is suited for delegates of all experience levels. Newer delegates are encouraged to develop their skills, whilst seasoned delegates have plenty of opportunities to hone their expertise.

Position papers are strongly recommended for this committee, and are mandatory for award consideration.


Mental Health in War-Torn Areas
Development & Distribution of Vaccines

Mental Health in War-Torn Areas Background GuideDevelopment & Distribution of Vaccines Background Guide


Renee Tung


Currently a senior at Little Flower Academy, Renee is honoured to be serving as the Director of the World Health Organization at OakridgeMUN II. Ever since participating in her first Model UN conference in her freshman year, she has grown to enjoy the diplomatic discussions and collaborating with other fellow delegates. Above all, she has come to cherish the memorable life lessons and countless friendships she has gained from every conference she has attended. Outside of Model UN, Renee can be seen spending too much time with her puppy, playing field hockey, painting, and eating lots of sushi and poké. Renee is ecstatic to meet all the delegates and looks forward to an unforgettable experience with many more passionate debates!

Anya Trivedi


As a senior at Little Flower Academy, Anya is honoured to serve as the Chair of the World Health Organization at the second iteration of OakridgeMUN. Since her first conference in grade ten, Anya has grown to love the intense discussions and nuanced diplomacy each committee session has to offer in Model UN. Anya has attended several conferences from around North America and is truly grateful for how Model UN has opened up her eyes to the captivating world of international affairs and politics, helping her meet many amazing people along the way. Outside of Model UN, Anya enjoys playing field hockey, public speaking, drinking bubble tea, and travelling around the world. Overall, Anya looks forward to chairing the WHO at OakridgeMUN II and wishes the best of luck to all delegates!

Owen Hu


Your Assistant Director for this iteration of the World Health Organization is Owen Hu, a sophomore from Burnaby North. Despite initially seeing the dynamic world of Model United Nations as nothing more than an afterthought, he has grown to cherish the persuasive negotiations, spicy debate, and long, sleepless nights at memorable conferences. Now, nine conferences since initially stepping into the committee room as Pakistan in grade nine, Owen is elated to aid delegates in creating a defining foundation for their high school career. Outside of MUN, you may find Owen furiously typing away at a monumental fantasy novel, attempting to not fail his ARCT piano piece recordings, and having petty little arguments on the most irrelevant details with his friends. Owen forecasts fruitful debate and a weekend of unforgettable memories at this iteration of OakridgeMUN.

Please email all position papers to by March 11th, 11:59PM PST.