World Health Organization


Since 1948, the World Health Organization (WHO) has strived to improve physical and mental health conditions. After its first meeting in Geneva on Monday, October 9th, WHO has been involved in disease prevention campaigns as well as tackling topics that range from strengthening government health services through improving pharmaceutical products. Today, WHO aims to overcome health challenges created by the recent economy, however, conflicts such as health inequality and lack of health security have yet to be solved. The Dias highly encourages delegates of all experience to register for this diplomatic committee where delegates can debate prevalent and pressing issues to help billions of lives!

Position papers are strongly recommended for this committee, and are mandatory for award consideration.


Eliminating Health Inequality in Rural Countries
Preventing Radiation and Chemical Emergencies

Eliminating Health Inequality in Rural Countries Background GuidePreventing Radiation and Chemical Emergencies Background Guide


Arushi Choudhury


Arushi, a junior at Woodinville High School, is elated to serve as the Director of the World Health Organization at Oakridge MUN’s third iteration! After only beginning to explore the world of Model United Nations recently, Arushi has fallen in love with the countless memories, intense debate, and lifelong friendships incorporated within MUN. Outside the committee room, you can find her blasting Taylor Swift, drinking unique boba tea combinations, playing the piano, and exploring different parts of Washington whenever she gets the chance too. Arushi cannot wait to see all the creative solutions delegates come up with and is looking forward to a memorable Oakridge MUN weekend!

Fuliya Liu


Entering their Sophomore year at Fraser Heights Secondary, Fuliya is ecstatic to serve as the chair for WHO at the third iteration of Oakridge MUN 2021. First intimidated by the competitive nature of MUN, they slowly developed a liking for diplomacy and spicy discussions among delegates at club meetings and hotel conferences alike. Outside of procrastinating their position papers, Fuliya can be found crying at debate tournaments, annoying their cat, and asking for too many espresso shots in their tim’s iced coffee. Fuliya hopes that MUN introduces delegates to diplomatic nuanced discussions and allows them to meet new amazing people along the way. They’re excited to use a long list of adjectives for a weekend of fruitful debate!

Rachel Wei


Rachel, a freshman attending Crofton House School, is delighted to be serving as the Assistant Director for the World Health Organization at Oakridge MUN 2021. Although she originally joined her school’s Model United Nations club for the hotel conferences, she soon found a unique passion for the world of MUN. From last-minute position paper writing to the intense conversations in committee sessions, Rachel has made priceless memories during her first year as a delegate. When not debating current events, Rachel can be found hitting herself in the shins with her field hockey stick, biking to feed her unhealthy bubble tea addiction, and crying while practicing the piano. Rachel is looking forward to a day of valuable debate and wishes all delegates the best of luck!

Please email all position papers to by November 6th, 11:59PM PST.