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The United States Senate is the upper chamber of the U.S Congress, together with the House of Representatives, they compose the federal legislative branch of the U.S Government. The Senate is composed of two senators from each state, who must be 30 years of age, been a citizen for 8 years and a resident of the state; a senator’s term of office is six years. The Senate is constitutionally tasked with drafting legislation, confirming different government officials, and debating the efficacy of bills passed in the House of Representatives.

Position papers are strongly recommended for this committee, and are mandatory for award consideration.


Gun Law Reforms
United States - China Tensions Crisis

Gun Law Reforms Background GuideUnited States - China Tensions Crisis Background Guide


Emily Chen


Emily Chen is a rising grade 12 student at Semiahmoo Secondary and she is ecstatic to serve as the President of the United States Senate. Upon entering the world of Model United Nation for the first time back in grade 9, she has not only grown tremendously as a person but also has made unforgettable connections with people who are now her closest friends. Outside of MUN, Emily can be found struggling with the workload from IB, coaching debate or feeding her bubble tea addiction. Emily is excited to meet all delegates whether you are new to the world of MUN or are an experienced veteran, she hopes to provide an inclusive and fantastic experience for all. Please feel free to reach out to her with any questions, inquiries and concerns and she will be happy to respond.

Cathy Zhang


A senior at Magee Secondary, Cathy is delighted to serve as your Chair for this iteration of Oakridge Model United Nations. After years of participating in MUN, she’s grown to appreciate all the skills she’s learned and all the friends she’s met through MUN. She believes that regardless of your skill level, there’s always something new to learn or practice at every conference. Outside of MUN, you can find her hanging out with friends, baking desserts, and trying new snacks! She hopes that she can create a memorable experience for all Senate delegates, and she can’t wait to meet you all in November!

Claire Li


Currently in her junior year at Steveston-London Secondary School, Claire is excited to be serving as your Assistant Director for the United States Senate at this iteration of OakridgeMUN. Ever since stumbling into the world of MUN in grade eight, she has been enthralled by the zealous debates, unique solutions, and the occasional roasts directed from one delegation to another. Whether you are looking to learn about world issues or preparing to cause chaos in committee sessions, Claire believes that MUN is a meaningful experience made for all delegates. In her free time, Claire can be found shopping for yet another piece of beige-coloured clothing, searching for new dessert spots, and curating new playlists. Claire hopes that OakridgeMUN III will be a memorable conference, and looks forward to meeting everyone!

Please email all position papers to by November 6th, 11:59PM PST.