United Nations Environment Program


The United Nations Environment Programme first established in 1972 to link together the physical environment and the society, local governments, and the private sector by acting as a voice for Earth’s resources. A catalyst and an advocate that promotes sustainable development and management of the environment, the Programme fosters a sense of partnership by inspiring and enabling nations to improve their quality of life and the environment without compromising future generations.

In the past, UNEP has taken a mainly advisory role in dealing with environmental crises by assisting local governments and other UN bodies and developing guidance in international law. Currently, UNEP is involved in combating the effects of natural climate disasters and educating countries on establishing a green economy.

Despite the world’s constant circulation of political and moral conflicts, the environmental situation is always at the forefront of the discussion, whether it be about climate change or resource use. When these problems need to be solved, UNEP is the principal organ that must deal with and attempt to formulate a solution that benefits all stakeholders and the future of the Earth.

Position papers are strongly recommended for this committee, and are mandatory for award consideration.


Unsustainable Practices of Corporations
Environmental Impacts of Fossil Fuels

Unsustainable Practices of Corporations Background GuideEnvironmental Impacts of Fossil Fuels Background Guide


Chantal Lee


Chantal Lee is a grade 12 IB student currently studying at Richmond Secondary School, and she is honoured to be serving as chair. Ever since her first conference in 2019, she has been enamoured in the world of debate and diplomacy called MUN. When she is not struggling with the suffocating workload from school, you can find her curled up on her bed with a good book, binging the newest anime series she discovered or grabbing bubble tea with her friends. Chantal hopes that her fellow delegates can experience the exhilaration of MUN and enjoy insightful debates during the conference. She is very excited to meet everyone!

Cindy Ma


Currently in her senior year at Richmond Secondary School, Cindy is ecstatic to serve as the Director of UNEP for OakridgeMUN III. Cindy’s Model UN journey began two years ago, where she fell asleep in her first-ever committee session. Since then, she has grown to love the thrilling and educational debates with delegates all over the world. She avidly enjoys the constant chaos within committee sessions, and appreciates the different opinions of each delegate. In her free time, Cindy can be found sketching in her notebook, window shopping, and drinking iced caramel macchiatos. Cindy looks forward to a weekend filled with fruitful debate, and cannot wait to meet everyone!

Shamma Taank


As a Grade 12 student at Panorama Ridge Secondary School, Shamma is delighted to be serving as AD of UNEP for this iteration of OakridgeMUN. Ever since Shamma was first introduced to the world of Model UN, the thrill of fast-paced debate immediately enraptured her. She is fascinated in the variety of perspectives that MUN has to offer, and especially enjoys conferences that broaden one's view on the world and allows them to develop empathy and openness toward a variety of different lives. In her spare time, Shamma loves playing and teaching music. She can also often be found shopping, reading, and making memories with friends and family. Shamma is eager to embark on a weekend filled with exhilarating discussion, and looks forward to meeting everyone!

Please email all position papers to unep@oakridgemun.com by November 6th, 11:59PM PST.