Historical Crisis Committee


Within the Historical Crisis Committee (HCC), all delegates will undergo an experience unlike any other. Tasked with navigating the tangled mess that was the Space Race, the timeline of the crisis is murky with the clouds of the Cold War. Whether delegates choose to doom the world with total annihilation from all-out nuclear war or advance all of humanity to conquer the deepest depths of the cosmos, the crisis will surely shake all delegates to their very core.

The HCC is best suited for experienced delegates, though it is open to all who wish to challenge themselves and develop their skills of negotiation and diplomacy. Creativity is highly encouraged, and the very fate of the universe rests on the shoulders of the delegates.

Position papers are strongly recommended for this committee, and are mandatory for award consideration.


The Space Race

The Space Race Background Guide


Owen Hu


Lost in a revolution of endless mist, Owen Hu, a rising junior from Burnaby North, is distinctly honoured to serve as the Director of the Historical Crisis Committee. Having been physically dragged into joining his school’s club, the exhilarating world of Model UN has granted Owen the opportunity to broaden his worldview and make long-lasting friends. Owen encourages all delegates to step outside of their comfort zone during our weekend together. Outside of MUN, you may find Owen unsuccessfully setting up a business triumvirate (with his fellow dais team), producing videos of mesmerizing improvisations for his YouTube channel (with his fellow chair), or contemplating his next blunder in a long game of chess (against his fellow assistant director). Owen forecasts an unforgettable conference and looks forward to working with, and possibly against, his delegates.

Richard Min


The young lad in the image above is Richard, a junior at Burnaby North Secondary and coincidentally your Chair for this exciting iteration of OakridgeMUN. After attending his first conference not knowing what a “dais” was, he has fallen helplessly in love with the fruitful discourse MUN brings, each new conference pulling him further into the endlessly fascinating but tryhard community. Outside of this realm, Richard enjoys drinking green tea, black tea, and Earl-Grey tea while gazing absentmindedly at distant mountains in the sunset, improvising preludes on his piano, and working in conjunction on a novel with his honourable Director. He looks forward to working with delegates to solve the most pressing matters that HCC will offer, providing innovation and encouraging imagination to make this experience one to remember for the times.

Yiheng Li


Astray in a surreal world, Yiheng is a Junior at Burnaby North Secondary and is elated to serve as Assistant Director of the Historical Crisis Committee at OakridgeMUN III. After being violently encouraged to attend his first conference, Yiheng (even if a little skeptical) was given the opportunity to foster his unbeknownst passion for global affairs and explore the thrills of the Model UN world. Outside of the committee room, Yiheng can be found excessively analyzing Chinese films, unsuccessfully convincing his friends that Chinese music is good, and intentionally making blunders at chess to make his chair and Director squeal in delight. With all of this in mind, he prognosticates a memorable conference at HCC and hopes that this will be an exciting and memorable experience for everyone.

Please email all position papers to hcc@oakridgemun.com by November 6th, 11:59PM PST.