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Oakridge Model United Nations is a Model UN conference held annually in Vancouver, Canada. We aim to create a Model United Nations  environment that empowers youth to improve on essential skills needed to thrive in the 21st century. Here, one will gain critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership skills, equipping delegates with essential skills that are applicable towards many jobs.

Global stewardship is our focus. We aim to not only make a fair environment where beginner delegates and veteran delegates can thrive together, but to draw in youth passionate in improving the climate, but previously not engaged in Model UN.

This will arm existing delegates new insights when it comes so solving world issues sustainably, but provides them with useful skills - including critical thinking, teamwork, leadership, and sustainable awareness - that last a lifetime. If people like former BC Greens leadership candidate Cam Brewer and the UNHCR endorse Oakridge Model United Nations for these very reasons, a conference like ours will leave you equipped with more skills and confidence than before you entered it.

Our Values


Oakridge Model United Nations is unique in that a key focus of our confernece is environemntal sustainability. From linking all committee topics to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, to having environmentally conscious guest speakers such as former B.C. Greens Leadership Candidate Cam Brewer, we truly care about the Earth we all share, and sharing that appreciation.


Run by youth for youth, OakridgeMUN prides itself in empowering high school students to better debate, delve and discuss all sorts of relevant world issues. By hiring Staff and Secretariat team members in it for helping people, and by channel the raw passion of youth movements like the Climate Strike towards building the necessary skills needed to thrive in a 21st-century world, we create a fruitful environment placing emphasis on collaboration and rigour.

Global Awareness

With 2021 marking 76 years of UN operations, various new challenges have arisen that challenge the current international order of cooperation and diplomacy. Challenges, such as the rise of nationalist politics and climate change affect the way of life for all humans. At OakridgeMUN, we remain focused on the root goal of Model UN: teaching youth the necessity and usefulness of global cooperation.

Why the specific
name - Oakridge?

We name ourselves after the neighbourhood of Oakridge in Vancouver, Canada. The Oakridge Area was once one of the last parcels of land in Vancouver left to its natural state. After the Second World War, the Canadian Pacific Railway (the former owner of the Oakridge area) opened the land up for development, causing the development of single family homes and Vancouver's first shopping mall, Oakridge Centre. Since then, Oakridge has become a multicultural neighbourhood and a catalyst for Vancouver's current growth as a world city for sustainability.

We adopted the name Oakridge to represent our steadfast committment to a more sustainable future, as well as our origin city of Vancouver, Canada. From its humble origins to current redevelopment efforts, Oakridge represents not just a neighbourhood that evolves with the changing needs of the people of Vancouver, but its continual commitment to these needs is also a testament to Vancouver's unwavering vitality as a diverse, sustainable nexus of ideas and culture in the Pacific Northwest. Oakridge moves forward, develops rapidly, and still is and always will be cognizant of the needs of its people - and we, Oakridge Model United Nations, aim to do the same.

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