Vancouver's Newest Model UN Conference

Oakridge Model United Nations

The Fourth Iteration
Fall 2022 · November 14

Secretariat Applications are Open!
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Our Guest Speaker,
Makenzie Kerr

Mackenzie Kerr is a sustainability advocate and past Green party candidate in Northern BC. She ran in the 2019 federal election as one of the youngest candidates on the ballot at 22 years old and then ran again in the 2020 provincial snap election in BC. Her passion for sustainability and environmental justice led her to becoming the sustainability representative on student council at UNBC, founder and president of a Green party campus club and currently co-chair of the youth council for the BC Greens. Outside of her political experience she has completed a forestry degree and is passionate about civic education as a way to influence environmental policy. She uses current social media platforms such as tiktok to engage in civic journalism and try to move the needle on important issues in her community. She knows the difficulty of being a young person in this world and how overwhelming it can be. Her mission is to turn apathy into action every chance she can.  

She wishes the OakridgeMUN delegates a productive and enriching conference filled with fruitful discussion. She knows the skills you gain from being a part of this program will stay with you for life and she truly hopes that she will see some of you on the ballot as young candidates one day.

A Foreword from the

Dear Prospective Delegates, Sponsor Teachers, and Parents,

My name is William Wang and on behalf of the Secretariat and Board of Directors, it is my pleasure to serve as your Secretary-General and I am honoured to invite you to the third iteration of Oakridge Model United Nations. Due to the previously-imposed COVID-19 restrictions,  we are unable to host this year’s iteration of OakridgeMUN in-person and instead will be held virtually November 13th to the 14th. Despite these restrictions, the Secretariat will work just as hard to ensure a memorable experience for all delegates, and we hope to make it easily accessible to everyone!

Since the beginning of OakridgeMUN, a rising bi-annual Vancouver-based conference, the Secretariat and Staff have worked tirelessly to incorporate our three key values: Sustainability, Youth Empowerment, and Global Awareness. Our world has been drifting away from these key pillars, and it is our goal to create a safe environment where youths may educate themselves and learn through MUN about these pressing issues facing us today. We have strived consistently to provide a professional Model United Nations experience, believing that MUN is the perfect platform to voice one’s thoughts and beliefs, challenging our previously-held worldviews through the utmost quality of debate. 

OakridgeMUN also hopes to facilitate an atmosphere of committee sessions that are available to all, and therefore will be hosting this conference free of charge, with only a $10 deposit as to nurture the environment we hope to create. Our Staff and Secretariat have worked tirelessly for the past few months to make this conference run, with multiple hours put into the decisions over topics, backgrounders, and all to ensure the best possible experience for our delegates. I could not have asked for a better Secretariat and Staff team, and I would like to extend my personal gratitude to all.

It is my sincere hope and promise to present a new and exciting experience, one to remember for all my delegates, Staff, and Secretariat members at OakridgeMUN III. If you at any point have any questions or concerns regarding the conference, please feel free to reach out and I look forward to meeting all of you in November of 2021!


William Wang
OakridgeMUN III